Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How I am feeling today

I sit here a little teary-eyed. Closing the chapter on breastfeeding my third baby. Bittersweet. Painful. I know that she is destined for great things and growing up is required. Why is it required? 

The Weaning
by Carol Lynn Pearson

There is cloth now
Between you
And my breast --
And a little pain.

This is the
I take your face
In my hands
and guide your gaze
Away, out there --
To the fruit trees,
To the stars.

My arms,
Though empty,
Fold comfort
To a mother-heart
That yearns for nursing,
Yet knows that weaning
Is the bigger part.


melissaclayton said...

Aahhh I will be weaning Sadie very soon and am already struggling with this! It's so hard. :(

Martha said...

i love carol lynn pearson! blessings to you for loving nursing so much. i can't relate, but i love you anyway, my dear! hugs to you and your sweet baby.

Aubrey Bahr said...

Aw! I cringe just thinking about it. I haven't yet started with aspen.

Heather Kennedy said...

What a sweet, sweet poem. I'm going to look up more of this author...and not think about weaning little Logan :(